Cytaglobal Hellas

Cytaglobal has recently intensified its efforts for expanding Cyta’s operations abroad, especially in countries with significant Cypriot Communities, like Greece, and the United Kingdom. Taking into consideration the liberalisation of the telecommunications market in Cyprus as well as Cyta’s significant investment in regional submarine cable systems, the strategy of entering new markets will provide alternative sources of income for Cyta.

The result of this strategy was the decision to establish subsidiary companies abroad, through Digimed Communications Ltd, Cyta’s wholly-owned Holding Company.

Cyta Hellas Α.Ε. has been established in Greece, on 5th November 2003, in order to expand Cyta’s operations in the Greek market, initially targeting other telecommunications providers, by providing end-to-end total solutions and wholesale products. In January 2004, Cyta Hellas Α.Ε. has been granted General Licenses for providing telecommunication services in Greece. On 2nd January 2007, Cyta Hellas A.E. has been renamed to Cytaglobal Hellas Α.Ε. assigning the right of use of the brand name “Cyta Hellas” to Digimed Communications Ltd.

In association with Cytaglobal and Cyta UK Ltd, Cytagobal Hellas Α.Ε. has established CytaWorld.Net an MPLS based broadband network, interconnecting Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom, and providing international connections beyond.


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