Iris Gateway Satellite Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyta, was originally established in 1999 for the provision of satellite turnaround services. The basic services are mainly based on DVB technology and focus on the provision of audio, video and data.

Iris has established its facilities at Cyta's Makarios Earth Station in Cyprus, which offers extensive coverage area including Asia, the Middle East and Europe. For Europe, satellite services are offered through Sirius 2 satellite in association with SES Americom. For Asia and Australia, satellite services are offered through AsiaSat 2 in association with AsiaSat.

Cyta and IRIS share multi years of experience in satellite communications and operate at the moment more than 25 major earth station antennas. Iris builds on the strengths of Cyta in experienced personnel, top of the line facilities and financial resources in order to offer the best quality of service to its customers at competitive prices.

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