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The Government of the Republic of Cyprus concluded an Association Agreement with the then EEC on 19 December 1972, which entered into force on 1 June 1973. The full implementation of this Agreement was to lead to a Customs Union within a period of 10 years. The purpose of the Agreement, which contained arrangements on trade, financial and technical cooperation that were to be applied for the benefit of the entire population of the island, was to consolidate and expand trade and the economic relations between Cyprus and the European Community.

On 4 July 1990 the Republic of Cyprus submitted an application for membership to the EEC. Indicative of the age-old bonds between Cyprus and Europe is the reference contained in the 1993 Opinion of the European Commission on the application of Cyprus for membership to the EU, which notes that "…Cyprus geographical position, the deep-lying bonds which, for two thousand years, have located the island at the very fount of European culture and civilization, the intensity of the European influence apparent in the values shared by the people of Cyprus and in the conduct of the cultural, political, economic and social life of its citizens, the wealth of its contacts of every kind with the Community, all these confer on Cyprus, beyond all doubt, its European identity and character and confirm its vocation to belong to the Community".

Accession negotiations with ten applicant countries of Central and Eastern Europe including Cyprus, commenced in March 1998.

Enlargement was an important part of the Brussels European Council that was held between 24 and 25 October 2002 under the Danish Presidency. The Union confirmed its determination to conclude accession negotiations with Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia, at the European Council in Copenhagen on 12-13 December 2002 and sign the Accession Treaty in Athens in April 2003.

The long process of the Accession Negotiations was completed at the Copenhagen European Council (December 2002), where the historic decision was taken to admit Cyprus and the other nine candidate countries as full members of the Union, as of May 2004. In fact, Cyprus was the first country to successfully conclude its accession negotiations within the agreed timeframe. On 16 April 2003, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, signed the Treaty of Accession of Cyprus to the European Union. The signing of this historic Treaty, which took place during a special ceremony in Athens, represents one more important step towards European unification and a landmark event in the modern history of Cyprus. At the same time it constitutes the crowning achievement of the long and arduous effort by Cyprus to formally accede to the European family, to which it has always belonged geographically, historically, culturally, economically and politically.

Cyprus has become a full European Union Member State, on 1 May 2004. With the confirmation of Cyprus’ accession to the European Union, a new era for telecommunications has begun, characterised by the full liberalisation of the telecommunications market. Cyta is well equipped not only to meet the new challenges, but also to realise its vision to become the electronic communications bridge between East and West and to maintain its international reputation as a reliable and advanced telecommunications global provider.

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