Digimed Communications Ltd has been established in 1988 as a subsidiary of Cyta and Cable & Wireless with the objective to plan, implement and maintain cable systems in the Mediterranean. In 1996, Digimed was acquired by Cyta. Today, Digimed is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Cyta and its mission is to create the proper conditions and functions, in order to achieve Cyta’s goal of expanding its operations in Cyprus and in other countries, especially those with large Cypriot communities. This expansion concerns the completion of the range of products and services offered by Cyta and the provision of value added services and total solutions in the Cyprus market and abroad.

To accomplish its mission, Digimed Communications Ltd proceeded to form strategic alliances with partners and various subsidiary companies of its own. Digimed’s major subsidiaries are Bestel Communications Ltd, Cytacom Solutions Ltd, Emporion Plaza Ltd, Iris Gateway Satellite Services Ltd, Cyta UK Ltd, Cytaglobal Hellas AE and Cyta Hellas AE, covering a wide range of telecommunications and information technology services. Cyta Hellas AE is owned 90% by Digimed and 10% by Cyta. Bestel Communications Ltd is a joint venture between Digimed and ZTE Corporation of China. All other subsidiaries are wholly owned by Digimed.

Operating in the framework of its mission to contribute to the development of Cyta’s strategic aims in Cyprus and abroad through its subsidiary companies, Digimed Communications Ltd focuses on improving and developing the activities of its subsidiaries.  In this respect, Digimed has established Service Level Agreements with major Cyta’s Business Units, thus securing human and other resources, required by its subsidiaries to perform effectively. Particular emphasis has been placed on the implementation of the project by Cyta Hellas AE, co-financed by the 3rd European Community Support Framework and the Greek government, for developing broadband infrastructure in various parts of Greece. Digimed Communications Ltd contributes actively to the realisation of this project, with the aim of establishing Cyta Hellas AE as a respected and reliable provider in the Greek market.


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