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From Cyprus’ Eastern Mediterranean shores, bridging Europe, Asia and Africa, we have built up one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in Europe today.

Our global network is expanding rapidly in all directions, on land, under the sea and in space. We are developing and opening our wings to travel beyond Cyprus... because communications know no boundaries... as the elements of nature are everywhere.

We understand that business development in the new era is fuelled by alliances, which reinforce the constituent parties and create synergies and added value. Our expansion strategy is therefore based on such strategic alliances. Additionally we have already started a dynamic process of establishing strong points of presence worldwide, including France, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Consulting through telecommunications, information technology and business knowledge we provide total solutions. We have the people, the products, the expertise and the experience that provide the key to success. We can plan and design global networks. We can build them. We can operate them for you. We can provide enhanced applications. We can do any one of these things, or we can do all of them, together. Wherever you want to go, we will get you there, faster, more reliably, more economically, helping you overtake your competitors.

It’s our job to solve complex problems... and we can help bring innovative systems, services and solutions to your organisation too! Fact is, we are pioneering a whole new way of managing bandwidth, networks and applications.

We carry your voice, data and video messages across continents,
to destinations to the four corners of the world
...turning your global dreams into reality! will be surprised how far we can go!

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